Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just In Case, Fear Not

So many of you have visited my website and have written me sharing your stories or the stories of your friends and family members who have been diagnosed with cancer and are afraid and searching for answers. I hope that I have been able to help alleviate some of your fears and have given you new hope to find your healing whether it be through conventional means or through a path that is considered by many to be alternative. You must do what you feel is right for you and do it without fear.

One of the many emails I received was from a young woman whose doctor has suggested that she have her breast removed even though she has not been diagnosed with cancer. This was for purely precautionary reasons. The precautionary, ‘just in case you will get it in the future, we can bypass all the trepidation and suffering now’ prescription is not a reason to have any body part removed; now or ever. You don’t bypass anything by undergoing unnecessary surgery. What is this doctor thinking?

Would this same doctor suggest a man’s prostate be removed ‘just in case’? Would he recommend removing an appendix or a gallbladder ‘just in case’? Removing a body part now to save time, expense and suffering in the future doesn’t make sense. Won’t you still have to undergo the downtime, the expense and the pain – both mental and physical – now?

Please, please, never allow fear to help you make up your mind. Fear does nothing but cause stress and stress causes more acid in your system. For you to remain healthy you must remain alkaline. In order to remain alkaline you must eat alkaline foods, drink alkaline water, think good positive thoughts, love those around you and know that your body can and will heal itself if given the proper tools and time. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and any other disease just remember that many before you have allowed themselves to be healed just through power that is born within them. You too can do this very thing. Fear not and listen to that small still voice within you.

Peace and Blessings.

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cook1937 said...

My wife has breast cancer.She had her left breast removed. She had all the tests...bone marrow, cat scan. The Dr said there was no more cancer. Then, on her next visit, they recommended a 3 month chemo treatment with steroids...just in case the cancer came back. If she didn't take chemo and the cancer came back...then nothing could be done. After her surgery, she had started a Nutritional Therapy...Multi Vitamin, Calicum/Magnesium/w D, Allkgin/wGinger-a Garlic product, a oxygen enhanced Super Greens capsules,and a Natural Antioxidant with Mangosteen,Goji, Acai and Pomegranate.

She was getting her energy and strength back. Now, her Dr told her that the Nutritional products will not help her. The Dr and my wife's family has instilled the FEAR factor in her. I was told to keep my mouth shut, and that I did not have any rights in this matter. I love my wife...but, this is very frustrating. When will people realize that the medical establishment is not going to save them?