Monday, May 17, 2010

Chapter Thirteen - Making Sense of It All

I woke up the next morning and surprisingly the information that she had imparted to me the night before was still fresh in my mind. I went downstairs to let the dogs out for their morning run and stared out my kitchen window as I ran water into the electric teapot.
One, two, three scoops of coffee into the French press and I stopped myself. Should I be drinking this? I don’t think coffee is alkaline. It must be acidic because people always complain about having an ‘acid’ stomach when they drink coffee.
I made myself a note to look up what foods were alkaline and acidic. In the meantime, I grabbed a box of peppermint tea out of the cabinet, opened the box, grabbed one and placed the teabag into a cup. The water in the teapot began to boil. I removed the teapot from its base and poured the hot water into the cup watching the teabag float up to the top. As I took the string and started dipping the teabag in and out of the water I noticed that there was a message that the tea company had placed at the end of the string. I turned it over and smiled as I read the message.

‘Trust in your soul to lead you to your answers.’

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