Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Cute Little Water Machine

I just recently hooked up my new water filter system in my kitchen. It's a cute little filtering machine that sits on my kitchen counter. It takes my Texas well water (which isn't bad to begin with) and filters it and then makes it alkaline. Not only does it make it healthier for me but it makes it taste really smooth.

For those of us who want to get and remain healthy we know that you must keep your body alkaline. Many of you reading this may not know what that means so I will go through a quick lesson. Your body is designed to be alkaline. In the normal course of our daily lives we eat foods and drink drinks that are acidic. We also do things like get stressed out, become insomniacs and think negative thoughts. All of which are acidic and cause our bodies to become acidic also. When our our bodies become acidic the natural mechanism is for it to try and become alkaline again. In order to do this it has to take alkaline from parts of the body in order to balance out the alkaline level of the blood (you see the blood must remain a certain level of alkalinity or we can die). I don't want to go into the scientific explanation of this and if you are interested you can visit a website that can explain it all at In a nutshell you must stay alkaline to stay healthy. If you don't, your body begins to deteriorate. It also starts depositing acid in the places in your body that may we weak. This acid can lead to all sorts of ailments including what conventional medicine calls cancer. Alkalarians - people who know the importance of staying alkaline - call cancer, 'latent tissue acidosis'. This translates to too much acid in your body. Think about it. If 'cancer' or 'latent tissue acidosis' is caused by too much acid in the body then it stands to reason that the 'cure' would have something to do with getting rid of the acid and replacing it with alkaline. Why don't more people know about this? Well, it could be because it takes a lifestyle that really goes against our fast food, over processed, microwaved have to eat everything in a hurry society AND there is not much money in people changing the way they eat in order to rid themselves of disease.

Anyway, back to my cute little machine. I hooked this thing up and in a few seconds I had alkaline water. I can get various levels of alkaline water from it for drinking and using in food and I can even get acid water to use on plants, skin, etc. Great stuff when used properly. I am keeping detailed records as to how I am feeling with the water. I have noticed that it quenches my thirst a lot quicker than regular water or anything else for that matter. It also seems to be hydrating me more. For those of you who are interested in the kind of machine I have you can visit their website and get all the answers to your questions about drinking alkaline water and even what you can do with the acid water from the machine. The website is The machine I have is a Melody.

If you want to rid yourself of disease or just stay healthy and live a life of quality then check out all the information about alkaline vs acid on the web. Until next time, Peace and Blessings!

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